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Tree Guardians John Trent,
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Tree Guardians
John Trent,

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Lil Egyptian Gods by Silverfox5213


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The Sisterhood of the Dragon : a tale of lady knights and dragons

When a kingdom is born on the outskirts of the dragons’ domain, the king and his advisors began the ritual of sacrifice to appease the winged creatures. At the beginning and end of each year a girl would be sacrificed to the dragons.

But the dragons were horrified by such a brutal and barbaric offering; so they took the girls and brought them to their nesting grounds, giving the abandoned young women new homes and purpose - to guard the dragons’ eggs. So the Sisterhood of the Dragon was born; those betrayed by their kingdom were welcomed with open arms and wings - trained to fight and protect, some to heal and some to sew and some to cook and some to nurture and some to hunt, each woman finding purpose and her own calling.

yes i want to buy twelve tickets to this right now.


Sounds fun, I want in.

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My friend and I were discussing what could possibly happen on this upcoming season.

Dean, as we all should know, is a demon, right?

Ok, so, remember how Sam was super ready to die and thought it was selfish for Dean to bring him back, right?

Alright, then, the season before that Sam was purifying Crowley, remember? And by purifying the demon, he would die, yeah?

So, what if, sense Sam loves his brother and all, what if he decides to purify his brother so that he would become human again?

And then Sam dies, but would Dean respect his wishes in not wanting to be brought back to life?

Or, what if Sam attempt to do this, and Dean doesn’t allow this, and is freed, what then?

Or, Cas, this was my friend’s suggestion, saves Dean and somehow turns him human, again?

Would that kill Cas? If Cas dies, would God bring him back up and he’s an Angel again? Will that change Cas, what would he do?

My sudden thought is, what if, Cas found out that there were new angels all around and told Sam that God is making new angels, would Cas teach them the ways of God and to follow his word, his will, and hope that they wouldn’t fall into the sad, sad path of Metatron…

Speaking of which, what if God made a whole army for Cas to fight against Metatron and end him for good!

Oh, and are they ever gonna kill Crowley? I do believe I remember hm being on the list.

OMG OMG, I feel clever. LOL.

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American History 101

True life: I got kicked out of class in the third grade for bringing this up.


 Very important

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Remember to use #X before you drive, to pause the conversation until you get there.
Artwork by Matthew Williamson 
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Remember to use #X before you drive, to pause the conversation until you get there.

Artwork by Matthew Williamson 

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silent hill in a pink wonderland 

This real???

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all new covers for the US [already out] and the UK [coming in September]

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